* Dress your players in comfortable and appropriate clothing (does not have to be soccer-related but it does help ARTICLE)

* We will distribute soccer jerseys + shorts + socks at when they are ready (for both Fall and Spring seasons). Please come to the field a few minutes early to pick them up. Girls' Recreation typically adds players during the first two weeks of the season so we wait a little longer to order and distribute.

     > You must take the uniform size you selected during registration, and can switch later if there are extras

     > Uniforms may not be available at following sessions

     > If you think it could be done better, please volunteer to hold / distribute uniforms next season 

* Bring an inflated soccer ball (with your name on it) to the sessions. You should have a ball (or two) at home. Information on appropriate ball sizing here

* You can find cleats and other soccer specific equipment at Modells, Sports Authority or Zappos. Modells usually has a cleat + guard + ball package

* Don't spend too much on shoes because your kids will outgrow them fast; I recommend the Vizari Malaga Shin Guard or something else with ankle protection. FYI we don't get any affiliate marketing commissions.

* There is plenty of parking at Caven Point. We recommend that you park in the large gravel parking lot adjacent to the softball field; Department of Recreation personnel prefer that soccer families do park in the asphalt parking lot adjacent to the football field. Your car probably will be towed if you park anywhere else at Caven Point. Please LMK if you car is towed and I will update our website with evidence. 

* JCSA needs your help with coaching, assistant coaching, school outreach, marketing, etc. Help us help you!